Yahweh-Nissi K12 Academy

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  • Our Motto:Grown in the Spirit of Excellence.
  • Why We Exist:We exist to offer a virtual Hebrew Roots K-12 curriculum that celebrates excellence in education while not compromising personal values.
  • Valued Parent / Teacher Partnerships:Recognizing that parents are primary educators, we honor the model of biblical headship. Our highly certified teachers seek to work with you in order to see your child succeed today and tomorrow while equipping them to make an impact on future generations.
Yahweh-Nissi K12 Academy elementary school serving grades K-5                 Yahweh-Nissi K12 Academy Middle school serving grades 6-8                 Yahweh-Nissi K12 Academy High School serving grades 9-12                 Dual Enrollment Available for grades 11 and 12.