Time With the Father

Soaking Prayer Journal

Torah Time Digest: Partners in the Glory

Soaking prayer is a time of refreshing in the Spirit realm. It is a time where you set aside a significant portion of your day simply to spend time in the Father's presence. This is generally accompanied by music, sining in the Spriit, prayer, journaling, drawing, or some other creative arts such as dancing. Minimally, soaking prayer is 30 minutes or longer. Some soaking prayer sessions may last 3-4 hours. This journal is designed to facilitate your soaking prayher session. While praying, laughing, singing, or shedding tears of joy and honoring the presence of Yahweh, take time to record what you are receiving in the Spirit realm. As time goes on you will value the contuous written record of glory encounters with the King of kings. Enjoy your personal devotion time. 313 pp ($19.99)